Rosalyn W. Berne, Ph.D
Author, Scholar, Equine Empath

When the Horses Whisper


When the Horses Whisper

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“Rosalyn Berne brings the whispered voices of the horses themselves to remind us to wake up and live consciously in our interconnectedness, to open our hearts and our ears, to allow ourselves to heal the trauma no human or horse escapes in these times . . . Those of us who love and respect the horses as the wise, sentient beings they are get lots of non-verbal wisdom from them. Rosalyn receives a deeper level of information (through a capacity she calls clairaudience) about their life histories, their sufferings and their wishes and needs . . this book is a gift to all of us who love horses.”
-Nancy Coyne, M.D. Psychiatrist (Equine – facilitated psychotherapy)


“I started my practice as a veterinarian six years ago, and did not have any particular interest in horses. Working in a small rural town in Costa Rica, I have to deal with all animals that need my service, including cows, dogs, cats, goats, sheep, and of course, horses. I began to feel something special when I had a horse as a patient, a feeling of peace that I do not have with any other animal. And attracted by that feeling, I worked more and more frequently with horses. At that point, I did not realize what was going on. With Rosa’s book, I began to realize that I was not the only one who was giving a service. Horses also give a service to me. Her book helped me to understand how the horse-human relationship works. Besides, I learned many lessons about how we should treat horses as living beings that deserve respect. And if we could extrapolate these lessons to our daily life, we will grow as human beings in peace and harmony with every being that surrounds us.”
-Daniel Zeledon-Donzo, D.V.M.


Rosalyn W. Berne is a university professor (Science, Technology and Society, University of Virginia) and has focused her teaching on incorporating science fiction as a means to assist her students in grasping the phenomenology of a rapidly changing world. Those thoughts came to mind upon reading WAITING IN THE SILENCE. But the good professor here is less concerned about the need to explain the secrets of the world through science fiction. Here we meet her on her path to discovering the transformational nature of human-equine relationships in WHEN THE HORSES WHISPER: she offers facilitation and translation services for enhancing communication between horses and their owners. Sensitive to the still unexplored levels of communication between the known and the unknown world available to those who will open heart and mind to the realms that she has touched and valued, Dr. Berne in this sensitive and captivating book focuses on communication with horses. Her conversations with various horses spill out of the writings and stunning photographic images (by gifted photographic artist Kaya Lee Berne) that enter our appreciation of her gifts, and she finds through these conversations healing and acceptance and understanding and love that in many ways goes beyond human capacity. . . . Mystery is what this book is about. Enter and be enriched.
-Grady Harp