Rosalyn W. Berne, Ph.D
Author, Scholar, Equine Empath

Equine Empath Consultations

Equine Empath Consultations

"If we listen deeply and with an open heart, horses will share what may being going on with them, what they are feeling, thinking or needing, what they would like to do and for us to know... I can help to facilitate such conversations." ~RWB

Rosalyn offers private and small group sessions for people seeking to develop their own equine empath capacity or for inner work aimed at improving balance and alignment in their inner lives. These sessions typically include equine assistance to clarify and rebalance bodily and emotional energies. For people who own horses, Rosalyn also provides on-site consultations to facilitate communication and enhance the horse-human relationship.

Fees for Consultation Services

  • $200.00 per hour, while on location at a horse facility
  • $150.00 per hour, while on location at Willow Oak Farm
  • $185.00 per person, for 3 hour small group session (3-5 people) 
  • $50.00 per hour travel fee, when location is 30 minutes beyond Charlottesville, Virginia