Rosalyn W. Berne, Ph.D
Author, Scholar, Equine Empath


About Rosalyn W. Berne



Waking to Beauty (2016)
Creating Life from Life (2015)
When the Horses Whisper (2014)
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Rosalyn spent her first eleven years in Philadelphia, residing in a Quaker-founded community in "North Philly" called the Friends Neighborhood Guild until her family moved to Germantown. She was schooled at Greene Street Friends and a small experimental school called Community Camp School. When her father was hired to teach at the University of Massachusetts, they left the city for Amherst, Massachusetts. What a contrast that was. Rosalyn travelled south for college, studying first at Hampton Institute, then transferring to the University of Virginia where she ultimately earned three degrees: a BA and MA in Speech Communication, then a PhD in Religious Studies with a focus on Bioethics.

As a scholar, Rosalyn thinks and writes about the role of technology in our lives, especially its rapidly-emerging, futuristic dimensions. As a teacher she brings SF into the classroom, using its capacity to tweak students' moral imagination. She has also written and published two academic books, and also in the SF genre. As a gifted intuitive,  Rosalyn works with humans and their equine companions to facilitate deepened and meaningful communication between them. These gifts have led her to also write books in the body/mind/spirit genre, drawing from the well of her experiences. Her academic and author pursuits have led her to travel to India, Nigeria, Japan, Costa Rica, China, Peru, Ecuador (including the Galapagos) and other parts of the world.


Photography by Kaya Berne